Limit Engineering is now a Turbosmart distributor!

Turbosmart and its unique blend of quality and reliability has become a world-wide brand synonymous with automotive performance. The Turbosmart name is becoming very highly regarded and we at Limit Engineering are excited to add their products to our line-up. Browse our featured products then give us a call or send us an email with your questions and for pricing.

Featured Products

Turbosmart Race Port BOV

Race Port BOV

The Race Port is a true high performance and motorsport-oriented BOV. It is the smallest and lightest valve of its type on the market.

TS-0204-1101 BOV 2011 Race Port-Blue

TS-0204-1102 BOV 2011 Race Port-Black

Comp-Gate 40

Comp-Gate 40

The Comp-Gate40 gives you maximum performance in minimal space.

TS-0505-1005 WG40 Compgate 40mm - 7 PSI BLUE

TS-0505-1006 WG40 Compgate 40mm - 7 PSI BLACK

TS-0505-1009 WG40 Compgate 40mm - 14 PSI BLUE

TS-0505-1010 WG40 Compgate 40mm - 14 PSI BLACK

Pro-Gate50 Lite NEW

Pro-Gate 50 Lite NEW

NEW When space is at a premium and the higher flow capability of a larger wastegate is required, Turbosmart’s innovative new Pro-Gate 50 Lite is the answer. It combines the 50mm valve size of the Pro-Gate with a compact cap design.

TS-0502-1201 WG50 Pro-Gate 50 Lite - 7 PSI Blue

TS-0502-1202 WG50 Pro-Gate 50 Lite - 7 PSI Black

TS-0502-1240 WG50 Pro-Gate 50 Lite - 14 PSI Blue

TS-0502-1241 WG50 Pro-Gate 50 Lite - 14 PSI Black


Power-Gate 60

The Power-Gate 60 is the largest wastegate in Turbosmart’s range and suitable for high performance turbocharged engines.

TS-0503-1001 Power-Gate 60 7 PSI - Blue

TS-0503-1002 Power-Gate 60 7 PSI – Black

TS-0503-1040 Power-Gate 60 14 PSI – Blue

TS-0503-1041 Power-Gate 60 14 PSI – Black

Turbosmart Sensor Caps

Sensor Caps

Sensor Caps The first of its kind on the market, the Turbosmart wastegate sensor caps let you  “see” into the wastegate, allowing you to log the wastegate valve position and know exactly what it is doing in relation to other engine operating conditions.

TS-0204-3107 BOV Race Port Sensor Cap - Blue

TS-0204-3108 BOV Race Port Sensor Cap - Black

Boost Tee Boost Controller

Boost Tee Boost Controller

Boost Controller “Set it and forget it”! Turbosmart’s manual boost controllers are easy to fit, simple in operation and require little maintenance. One of the best bang for the buck performance mods on the market.

TS-0101-1001 GBCV Boost-Tee Blue

TS-0101-1002 GBCV Boost-Tee Black

Oil Pressure Regulator (OPR) T40

Oil Pressure Regulator

Turbosmart’s new patent pending OPR T40 is an oil pressure regulation system for your ball bearing turbocharger. It helps prevent compressor or turbine stage oil leaking or smoking, and takes the guesswork out of oil restrictor sizing for more efficient and effective oil delivery.

TS-0801-1001 OPR T40 40 PSI - Blue AN-4 ORB

TS-0801-1002 OPR T40 40 PSI - Black AN-4 ORB

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