GARRETT® GTX5009R GEN II Turbocharger

Horsepower: 875 - 1700 | Displacement: 2.5L - 10.0L
GTX5009R GEN II Turbocharger


• GEN II compressor wheel aerodynamics
• 15% increased flow
• 76mm, 80mm, inducer configurations
• Larger .88 A/R compressor housing volute
• GTX5009R features a 109mm comp exducer ( + 1 mm) and has 39% lower inertia*.
• Super core and turbine housing sold separately
• Compatible with GT and GTX turbine housings

GTX5009R GEN II Turbocharger

Reference Data

The latest Garrett technologies featuring many advanced features.

GTX5009R GEN II | Reference Data Compressor Turbine
Super Core PN Replaces Inducer Exducer Trim A/R Inducer Exducer Trim
851285-5016S NEW 76mm 109mm 49 0.88 99mm 91mm 84
851285-50017S 804878-5020S 80mm 109mm 54 0.88 99mm 91mm 84
Notes: Turbine Kit PN A/R Inlet Outlet Wastegate Divided Trim
Super Core and Turbine Kit Sold Separately 761208-0030 0.96 T6 V-Band Free Float N 84
761208-0033 1.39 T6 V-Band Free Float N 84

Compressor Map

Compressor map GTX5009R GEN II Turbocharger

Flow Chart

GARRETT® GTX5009R GEN II Turbocharge

Flange Diagrams